Sunday, March 25, 2007

Big Tuna

I was so miffed that last week there were no episodes of the Office!! To make matters worse is that my cable has been going in and out lately. It better be working this Thursday because it is an Office Marathon! WOOO! HOO!

I have been working on my fish afgan for a co-worker who is having a baby (due May 1st). I call it the Big Tuna blanket. I have been knitting at lunch and on the train. The other day I sat by a woman who also knits. We we were leaving she said "I hope I run into you soon. I want to see more fish." She made my day!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Jumping in...

I finally made it here :) Only took a few days of me breaking the internet (or at least my part of it... there was yelling and pleading and my poor printer may never fully recover from the trauma of being without email and/or internet sporadically this past week!)

In any case, I've been a fan of both the British Office and the US Office for ages, and loved the potholder - I even gave some away as gifts to other known Office fans this past holiday season.

I guess I have to do the intro thingy - My name is Dagny (don't ask, Mom was a hippy and had some good drugs when I was born!) I'm a mom of 4 boys in Maine, and co-own a yarn shop. Not as fun as you think, I never get to knit at work... all that paperwork, ouch! But my TV time is perfect for knitting, we all pile on the couches and watch our shows - kids play video games, hubby plays poker, and I can knit, yah!

I knit mostly socks, hats, and washclothes while TV watching - all things done in simple stitches so I don't have to pay attention or look at my knitting all the time. Happy to be here, and hope to have some pictures to share soon :)